When you have a class of teenage students, no matter where they’re from, music is definitely a high-priority.   I know how to use this interest in the classroom — singing thematic songs, making up lyrics, etc. — but I’ve been trying to figure out how to take advantage of it when we’re at the computer lab so that it enhances English language development.

I have two links on my Examples of Student Work page which allows students to create a song using music and lyrics.  One is Coca-Cola Chill, which is a little complicated.  Another is Pop Star Producer. They’re both located under Student Songs

I have several other links on my Teacher’s Page under Making Music.  I put them there because, even though they make things pretty easy for students to create online music (without lyrics) that can be accessed on the Web, I haven’t had the time to figure out if and how they can be used to help English Language Learner students further their language skills. Of course, students could create the music, link it to their blog or online journal, and then write about it.  I’d certainly be interested in hearing other ideas.  Alix Peshette had a good suggestion in her blog about students using music they created in their online presentations of other material, though that’s getting a little complicated for my technical abilities.

The links on my Teacher’s page include a new site I just read about in Kevin Clark’s blog called Jamglue; Making Tracks from the BBC; and the music section of IKnowThat.

Again, I’m all ears for other recommendations…..