Having English Language Learner students create an online survey or poll and then write about the results is an excellent thinking and writing activity.  There are many sites that allow these to be created easily and for free, and I’ve recently put links to some new ones.  You can find all of them on my Examples of Student Work page under Student Surveys.

Snappoll might be the easiest one — no registration is required and the interface is quick and simple, and the poll is hosted on their site.  Quimble is another one that is pretty easy, though, on Quimble and most of the other sites, you have to register to create a poll (though registration is very, very fast and simple on all of them).

Others on my website include Survey Builder, Vizu, QuestionForm, PolldaddyZoho Polls  (which I recently learned about from a blog called Grumpy Old Teacher) and a brand new site called Flextor.Flextor looks particularly interesting, because it seems like it allows you to do many things (polls, slideshows, videos, eCards) in a visually appealing and simple process.  I need to explore it further.