You may or may not have noticed that I have links to  online “text-to-speech”  programs near the top of several pages of website.  I’ve put these links on the pages that have quite a few links that do not provide audio along with text and animations or pictures.  This way students can copy and paste text if they have questions about the correct pronunciation of words.  They can also place their own writing there to test-out if it sounds right to their ears.

The ones that are linked to my website are ATT’s Text-To-Speech, Speaks For Itself, and Cepstral.  They all have a limited capacity, though.  I like ATT’s the best.  Very recently I added a new online application called BlueGrind.  This one looks interesting, but doesn’t appear to fully operational yet.  But it’s still usable.

You can find information on how to download free software that would give your computer the ability to “speak” all the text on your screen on my Teacher’s Page under the Talking Text Software section.