One way to determine if students have learned what the teacher hopes they have learned is by giving them a test. Another way that I like a whole lot better is by having students create a test. By going to Student Tests on my Examples of Student Work page, you can find links to sites where students can do this online (for free), and then have their classmates take the test online as well.

Prongo Quz Station is about as easy as it can be for students to make a test that others can access on line.  You have to register, but that can be done in seconds.

Coolquiz is another good test-making site. Many people are familiar with Quia.  That’s a great site, and allows you to make tests in many different forms.  However, it does have a very inexpensive annual fee, but a fee nonetheless.

Of course, teachers can use these same sites to create tests.  I just think it’s a whole lot more effective to have the students make the quizzes themselves.