The growing number of new Web 2.0 applications and my ideas on how to use them with English Language Learners outpace the time available to put all of them into practice.  That’s why on my Examples of Student Work page you’ll see many categories that don’t yet have student creations.

One idea I plan on implementing is having students create their own set of bookmarks for their favorite links on my website.  Then, students can see and share with their classmates and those in other classes what links they’re using along with student-written explanations of why they like them.

On my Examples of Student Work page you’ll see a category called Student Bookmarks.  It contains links to several bookmarking sites that I think would be accessible to English Language Learners and won’t be blocked by school district filters.

The bookmarking links on my page include Buddymarks,, i89, Simpy, and FURL.

It would obviously be a lot easier for all students to use the same bookmarking site.  My plan is to devise a series of lessons where students will try-out each one, and then have to decide together which one they all will use.