I have links to literally thousands of E-Cards on my Examples of Student Work page under Student E-Cards.  English Language Learners can send these E-Cards to their teacher, who can then post them on a class website, or students can post them on their online journals or blogs.

Of course, E-Cards are not particularly difficult to find on the Web.   However, many of them “expire” a  short time after they have been viewed.  I’ve tried to only place links to sites that will host the E-Cards either indefinitely or, at least, for a very long time. 

There are E-Cards for about every occassion and every theme one would teach in an ESL class, along with history and science classes.

Some have audio, all have pictures, some allow you to send virtual flowers.  You can draw one, or send one with music.  Send one with a picture from just about every American historical era.  The choices, while not exactly limitless, are pretty darn big.