I’m “borrowing” a great idea from Alice Mercer and Tom Turner (both have blogs definitely worth reading regularly).  Periodically they highlight posts from blogs they’ve read in recent days.  I, too, am going to give this a try…..

I’d like to point out two blogs/posts this week.

The Teacher In Development blog has a great post about brain-based research and how it relates to teaching ESL.  This is a topic that I’ve recently become interested in, and have been surprised at how little I’ve been able to find written about it.    I happen to be in the midst of reading three books about brain-based research and learning in general — How People Learn, Brain-Based Learning, and Making Connections.  I’ve also been impressed by the work of Janet Zadina.

Charles Nelson has a very thoughtful blog on writing and learning.   I’ve particularly appreciated his posts on error feedback — if, when, and how to correct students’ writing.