What Was There? is a series of games from Games For the Brain.  They show a picture, then you change the screen to a question asking you something about the picture.  For example, one picture shows a series of billard balls.  You are then asked if the eight ball was on the upper-right of the picture.

This kind of game is great reading practice for English Language Learners.  Obviously, in order to answer the question correctly they have to work to understand the question to begin with.

I’ve placed in under the Word Games category on my English For Intermediate/Advanced page.

If you are teaching in a public school you might find that your filters are blocking some of the video-like games I have listed in this same section.  Our School District’s filters are pretty strict about blocking games and any kind of streaming media.  However, they are also pretty flexible about letting any link I request to be made exempt from the filter, though it might take awhile.

If you have the same problem, I’d encourage you to talk with your tech person about the process to have some of these sites allowed.