One of the classes I teach English Language Learners is Geography.  It’s sometimes a challenge for my students when they have to do research on a specific country — they need to find sources that have language accessible to them.

Sometime back I created a section on the English Themes For Beginners and Early Intermediate called Country and U.S. States Information.  There, I posted links to a variety of “one-stop” sites that had information on countries that English Language Learners could use.

I’ve just added a new link to that list called World InfoZone (you need to click on “World” when you get to their page).  I’m not sure if it’s the best one, but it’s just one more place for my students to be able to look.I’ve also placed it on my Geography page under Sites That Cover Many Areas.  All the other links for information on countries are also “double-posted” there.