(James Farmer at Edublogs was able to get Google Reader to update their feed, so now GR works.  I hope Bloglines will be next!) 

In a rather bizarre turn of events, both Bloglines and Google Reader appear to have stopped picking up the feed of this blog on June 26th.  This problem may, or may not, be related to Edublogs updating their hardware at the same time. I hope this issue is resolved quickly.  Other newsreaders like Netvibes seem to be working.

Email subscriptions via Feedblitz are definitely working fine. 

If you use Bloglines or Google Reader, please check back here regularly and/or temporarily subscribe to this blog by email, and I’ll write a post letting everybody know as soon as the RSS feed problem is resolved.

To subscribe by email, find the “Subscribe to this blog by email” notice to the right of this post and a little down on the screen.  Right below that is an orange-and-white icon saying “Feedz By Email.” Click on that icon and fill-out the form that pops-up, wich should take about thirty seconds to complete.

If you use Bloglines or Google Reader, and have a minute, it would be great if you could let me know if you are, or are not, receiving updated feeds.

Sorry for the inconvenience.  Greater minds than mine are working on a solution.

I will, as always, continue to post new websites daily.  This message will remain as the first post on this blog until the problem is resolved.  New posts will appear below it.