I recently discovered the wonderful New York Philharmonic Game Room.   It has eleven games and activities that are accessible to English Language Learners.

These eleven include the Minuet Mixer, where students create and play their own minuets.  The url for their compositions can be emailed and posted on a blog or online journal.  One thing I hope to try is to have student compose them, and then have them write what they visualize when they listen to their minuet and the minuets that others have posted.

Musiquest is another great activity (there’s no direct link to the game, so you have to go the Game Room’s central site).  It’s another one of those online video games that my students and I are so fond of — the player is given several tasks to do via text, and then “points-and-clicks” on things to accomplish the task.

I’ve placed the Game Room on the bottom of the Music and Art section of my English Themes For Beginners page.