I learn a lot from listservs (a list of people with a particular interest who exchange emails within the group).  Today I thought it might be helpful to share the listservs that I find helpful in my work teaching English Language Learners.  I’ve also put links to these listservs on my Teacher’s Page under Listservs For ESL.

The ones I find valuable include: TESL (Teachers of English as a Second Language), which has  has many sub-lists, including ones for K-12, technology, and adult learners; National Institute for Literacy (NIFL), which has, like TESL, many sub-lists; Extensive Reading, which promotes the idea of students reading high-interest books of their choosing as a tool to learn languages; TEFL China, which is focused on English teachers in China but offers helpful information to all ESL teachers; and Learning With Computers, which is comprised of teachers interested in using technology to enhance ESL instruction.  This last listserv is part of a larger group called Webheads in Action, which offers a great deal of support to teachers exploring creative ways to use computers with ESL students.