I’ve recently put several new links on my Science page (I’m talking about the Science page for English Language Learners, not the other Science page for very advanced or native speakers).  I’d like to highlight a few of the best ones today.

Ology is from the American Museum of Natural History, and has many online activities accessible to English Language Learners, including ones on archaelogy, biodiversity, and astronomy.  I have a few links to their individual activitities in various parts of my website, but you can find them all here, too.

Strange Matter  is an interactive exercise that comes from the Ontario Science Center and shows what happens to various raw materials after they’re processed. 

The Oregon Health and Science University has developed Dangerous Decibels, a serious of activities to help students learn about sound.

The Hobby Shop comes from Maryland Public Television and has a serious of online and interactive science experiments.

Finally,  I realized I didn’t have much about dinosaurs anywhere on my site, and found a great to Scholastic’s series of online activities about them.

Again, you’ll find all these links on my Science page.  They are all right above the section titled “Planets and Space.”