Two days after I wrote a post saying how wonderful a new slideshow web application was, I learned from Webware about an even better one that began operation today.  It’s called Vuvox.

English Language Learners, and anyone else, will be able to quickly find images online by using “tags,” pick one of numerous presentation styles, and add special effects.  It seems to me it’s about as easy to do as it can get.

However, there is one big problem with it (that’s supposed to be temporary) in terms of using the application for language development activities.   The site has an icon to use for writing captions, but also says it’s not available yet but will be soon.  As soon as they implement that capability, I’ll have my students start using that service.  Until that time, use the two slideshow services I wrote about in my previous post.

I’ve placed the link on my Examples of Student Work page under Student Slide-Shows.