There are two links I’ve added to my website that allow students to create online floorplans for homes and apartments.  Students can move, and label, pictures of furniture to design their ideal lay-out.

The two sites are Floorplanner and Gliffy.  They are both on my Examples of Student Work page under Student Floor Plans.

Gliffy can also be used to make online diagrams and graphic organizers.  As I’ve mentioned before, though, I don’t necessarily think many of these online applications offer an advantage over pen-and-paper creations that teachers can tape on classroom walls.  They do, though, provide a bit of a change of pace, as well as an opportunity to learn a little more about how to use a computer.

Just as I was going to publish this post, I learned about a new floor plan site called MyDesignin.  I’ve placed it with the others on my website, but haven’t gotten a chance to try it out yet.