Fliptrack lets you select songs out of their collection and either upload your photos or select them off the Internet with a url.  Then, with some special effects, you have a music video!

This web application can be used by English Language Learners for language development in several ways.  One of the special effects that can be added to the videos is text, so students can embed their writing into the video itself.

Students can email the url of their video to a teacher for posting on a webpage or blog, and then write a description of it or explain why they chose the photos and music.

There is an ability to leave comments on each video, too, so students could further practice their writing by giving classmates positive feedback.

And, of course, students can take notes about each other’s videos and have an in-class discussion about everyone’s videos.  As readers of this blog and my articles know, I have strong feelings about the importance of using technology to develop and deepen face-to-face relationships.

I’ve placed the link on my Examples of Student Work page under Student Music Videos.

Just after I wrote this post, another similar service called Animoto just began.  They don’t have the ability to use images from online sources now, but say they will in a month.  I’ve placed a link to Animoto on my Examples of Student Work page, too.