I recently asked people on several listservs what books they would recommend that would have good speaking activities for English Language Learners.  I was particularly interested in getting ideas for a high school Intermediate English class I’ll be teaching in the fall.

I received a lot of helpful responses. Based on the suggestions, I decided to order Communicating on Campus by Amy Hemmert and Ged O’Connell and Speech Communication Made Simple  by Paulette Dale and James Wolf. I’ll write a post reviewing them in the future.

I also received several other good recommendations, including Out and About (for beginners); A Conversation Book: English In Everyday Life; Expressways (for beginners); Conversation Inspirations; and several books by Jill Hadfield (unfortunately, I couldn’t find any of her recommended books in print and they were exorbitantly expensive used).

Let me know if you have any other ideas….