Awesome Stories has been a great source of information, particularly about history, for English Language Learners and other students since it began in 1999.

It has thousands of very accessible stories about countless subjects.  Schools can subscribe to it for free, and the log-in process takes seconds.  And you can access a fair amount of the content even without registering, but it’s free and easy so you might as well subscribe.

Now, however, Awesome Stories has become….really awesome!  They have just begun having the audio available for stories so students can both read and hear the text being spoken.  They only have done this for a few stories so far, but they say they “are adding audio versions to every story.”

I’ve placed links to Awesome Stories on several of my webpages, and have links in the appropriate places directly to their new audio stories.

Their new audio stories include ones on the Star Spangled Banner, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Perfect Storm, and Thomas Jefferson.