Alice Mercer  just sent a bookmark meme my way.  The meme says I’m supposed to list the latest six bookmarks on my “Favorites” list.  However,  she also sent along a caveat that mine had to be ones I haven’t blogged about, and she added that it didn’t have to be six.

So, here goes:

* Smithsonian interview with Richard Lerner, who challenges the traditional view of “troubled adolescents.”  A very positive and helpful perspective.  I’m interested in seeing his book that’s coming out in October.

* How Much Is A College Degree Worth?  This article and chart shows the latest annual income differentials between workers with different school backgrounds.

* Dealing With Difficult Students is a one-page sheet from Marvin Marshall, my favorite writer on classroom management.  It’s a very positive approach to discipline.

* Entertainment Weekly’s “Lost” webpage: Not exactly education-related, but I am a “Lost” fan.  I typically have to read episode recaps after I watch each show since I don’t “get” a fair amount that goes on.  Since the new season doesn’t start until January, I figure this website will give me my regular “fix” until then.

I’m going to now send this meme to Christina Nevin, Marian Thacher, and Barry Bakin.  Lucky them….