Rajendran, part of the team that created ToonDoo, a great site where you can easily create cartoons (I’ve posted about it before), has developed an interesting blog.

It’s called ToonDoo As An Educational Tool.   In it, each day he shows a cartoon strip that helps define a new word.  Intermediate and above English Language Learners would find it useful.

He was also involved in creating an older site called Jambav, which has a number of well-done online educational games for young children. 

I especially like (I think my Begininner students will, too) its I Spy! and Spell Pix games, though the I Spy! game had a technical glitch which I emailed them about.  With luck, it will be fixed quickly.

I’ve placed both of these new links on the bottom of the Vocabulary section on my Beginner’s page.