HippoCampus is a great site from the Monterey For Technology and Education.   It’s recently been substantially revised.

It offers multimedia content from several textbook publishers and the University of California — none that I’ve seen before.

The non-AP United States History and Government sections are accessible to higher Intemediate English Language Learners, and are surprisingly extensive.

The Algebra series offers even more audio support for its text, and would be accessible to Early Intermediate English Language Learners.

The site also provides teachers with the ability to set-up their own pages with the specific chapters and exercises they want their students to review.

I’ve recently found a ton of new links I want to place on my webpages, so I probably won’t actually link to this site until the weekend.  I’ll be putting the link on my Geography and United States History page, and to the Math section of the Themes for Beginners page.  I’ll also probably add a few direct links from some activities to my World History page.

So many links, so little time……