What Do You Do In The Computer Lab? is the title of another article I’ve written for TechLearning.  It won’t be appearing for a few months, but they’ve again given me permission to post it on my website now.

The article shares five key guidelines that I think have helped our ESL Computer Lab be so successful.  Our Special Education Department is modeling several labs they are starting this year on the same ideas.  And the Sacramento Mutual Housing Association, a large non-profit housing organization, is starting computer labs at all their developments using a similar structure.  It’s also what I do when my native English speakers go to the lab.

Any critical feedback is welcome and appreciated.

If you find this article interesting, you might want to explore the links under the heading “Articles” on the right sidebar of this blog.  You’ll find quite a few articles I’ve written over the past three years on teaching in general, teaching English Language Learners in specific, and using technology in the classroom.  Many of these articles connect community organizing to education.