Talklets is a new application that provides text-to-speech capability to websites.  You have to pay a relatively small fee to use it on your own website available to the public, or if you want to install a version on your own computer so it will function on websites you visit that don’t have Talklet.

However, if you download the free version it will work on a select number of sites, including the BBC and Wikipedia.

I have the link on my Teachers Page under Talking Text Software.

There are obvious advantages to English Language Learners to be able to have audio support to what they read.  However, with the completely free text-to-speech software programs that are available, and that are listed on my Teacher’s Page, I don’t think it’s worth purchasing the individual Talklet subscription.

However, I could see that teachers might find it helpful to have this sort of program on their own website, so it might be worth considering purchasing it for that particular use.