LiveMocha is a new online free (at least, for now) language learning Internet program.  It looks surprisingly good.

You can learn a number of languages, including English.  Students “enroll” in classes and can track their progress. 

You can “browse” several sample lessons before you register.  English Language Learners who are just beginning can explore lessons here.  High Beginners can try these.  Early Intermediates can check out these exercises and these samples.

I’m going to put the link under Favorite Sites on my English Themes For Beginners, at least until and if they start charging for it.  I’m a little behind on updating my website, though, so it probably won’t be there until this coming weekend.

I’ve asked them if they’ll be able to add a feature that would allow teachers to monitor student progress.  It would be an excellent tool for homework, and would be great to include in our home computer project.

My Favorite Sites section is getting a bit bulky.  It may be up to seventy links by now.  My “To Do” list includes categorizing that section into subgroups to make it easy to distinguish them from one another.