(Unfortunately, it appears that Sketchcast has closed down)

Geez, there are lots of new web applications being unveiled today that can be helpful to English Language Learners.  Luckily, we got back a little early from our great field trip to the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition and I have some time to post about them.

I learned about Sketchcast from Google Blogoscoped.  It’s like “drawing” a video (you can also type text) that can be replayed.  In some ways it’s similar to Imagination Cubed.  The big difference, however, is that in Sketchcast you can easily provide audio narration to your sketch.  Your completed work has a unique url, and visitors can leave comments.

So it works on several different levels for English Language Learners.

Sometime this week I’ll place the link on my Examples of Student Work page.  It’ll be in a new category called Student Sketches.