I’ve recently learned about two new interesting Web 2.0 applications.   One is very easy to use, even for beginning English Language Learners.  The other is intriguing, but seems fairly complicated and will probably only be accessible to advanced students.

The easy one is called Clutter Me. It’s very similar to another application I blogged about recently called Jottit.  In both, you can create a simple webpage in seconds, and they both can basically function as online student journal.

The other is called Kaltura, and it allows groups to collaborate on developing an online video.  It has the wonderful capability of easily importing existing media that’s on the web, so you don’t have to video your own footage if you don’t want to.  However, the actual creation process seems pretty involved, with several steps, so Beginner and even Intermediate English Language Learners would probably find it difficult to follow along.  But it is intriguing.

You can find links to both site on my Examples of Student Work page.