Blabberize allows you to upload a picture of a person or animal and record a message that the picture speaks.  The lips on the image move in an exaggerated way as your message is being played.

It’s just another fun way for English Language Learners to practice speaking, and hear what they say.

I’ve placed the link on my Examples of Student Work page under Student Talking Pictures.

It would be great if they add a feature allowing you to access pictures that are on the web, and not just ones that are on your computer.  I’ve sent an email asking if they are planning on adding that capability.  I’ll let readers know how they respond.

(Well, they responded to my question about two minutes after I emailed them.  Here is their response:

“Yes! We did have that in mind. Currently the way we use the site is to do an image search on google and save off the pictures we want to use. But we were thinking that we’d allow for people to search through flickr photos as well and import them in the site. Thanks so much for the suggestion! It’s interesting you mention you’re an ESL teacher because we had another ESL teacher in France who used the site with her students. She had her class read english compositions and give voice to animals. *smiles* Let us know how you use the site and if there are other ways we can make it a better utility for you.”

I can’t expect a better answer than that!)