I’ve found that having students do science experiments in class are great opportunities to learn content and learn language.  Students can prepare lab sheets, plus have a fun time.  You can see pictures of students performing some of these experiments on various pages of my website.

On my Teacher’s Page I have links to several sites that provide good ideas and clear instructions about science experiments that you can have students do. They’re listed under Science Ideas.

I won’t highlight all of the links here, but I will point out a few I’ve found particularly helpful (especially since I haven’t taken a science class since I was a sophomore in high school!).

The best ones include Try Science, Zoom, Exploritorium Science Snacks, and a new one I’ve just added called Science Made Simple.

I also have a zillion online science activities appropriate for English Language Learners on my Science page.  These links include, but are not limited to, online science experiments.  Doing them in the classroom is hands down so much better but, obviously, it’s not necessarily realistic to do a science experiment everyday.  Having access to these links can be good pre-and-post live science activities, as well as providing opportunities for supported reading of expository text.