Yesterday I posted about QToro, a neat new game where players answer questions about various topics and create the questions, too.  I wrote that it would be great if there was some way students could choose to answer questions from another particular user, so they could answer questions that one of their classmates had created.  I shared that I would contact the site with this idea and let people know what they said.

Well, the site’s creators got back to me quite quickly and apparently this kind of interaction can indeed happen.  Here is what they wrote:

Thanks so much for writing in. Yes, in fact you can play questions written by just one person. To do this, you type  — for example, to play my questions, you would type

Also, I’m really thrilled that you are helping to spread the word to teachers. This was actually one of our goals when my friends and I created the site, and we are rolling out some new features to make the game more ‘teacher friendly’. For instance, we’ll support the ability to create a discrete quiz that students can use to study.

If you’re free,  I’d love to chat with you about how we can make this as teacher friendly as possible. There are just a few of us working on the site part time, so it may take us awhile to get features up, but we’re very open to hearing your suggestions and thoughts.

Thanks for helping spread the word about qtoro!