We distributed computers to eighteen more immigrant families today, and will connect them to the Internet (using wireless) this coming weekend.  This is part of our school’s Family Literacy Project, which you can read more about here.

That brings us up to forty-two immigrant families in the project. These families include 86 Luther Burbank High School (our school) students; 142 students attending other Sacramento City Unified School District schools; 6 students attending out-of-district schools; and 95 adults.  All together, 329 recent immigrants are in housholds that have Burbank home computers.  The requirement is that at least 80 percent of household members use the computer to study English one hour daily, and it appears that the actual percentage who do so is actually higher.

As I’ve posted earlier, students from homes in this project have almost double the improvement in our English comprehension assessments than those in a control group that are not in the project, and they have three times the improvement in reading fluency scores.

We hope to distribute computers and provide home Internet service to ten more families soon.