Mind Habits is a very intriguing game I learned about today through a listserv.  It’s designed to help the player reduce stress and think more positively.

This game fits perfectly into a lesson I do each year with both my English Language Learners and “mainstream” students on “Are You A Postive Or Negative Person?”

I don’t think the game itself, however, provides much in the way of a language development exercise, though there is some.

After you register (free and easy) you are given a series of activities where you’re supposed to click on the positive images and words.  The idea is to get you to train yourself to focus more on the positive.  You can track your “score” each day, as well.

You would probably need to help Beginners and Early Intermediates through the set-up process. 

I’ve placed the link on my Intermediate English page under Word and Video Games.