Mashable has an interesting post today listing sites that will help you set your goals.  Though none are ideal yet for English Language Learners, a couple of them might be useful.

Life Tango, like most of the others, allows you to list your goals, keeps track of your progress,  and allows others to comment on them (you can limit access to that feature).  What’s particularly good about this site, though, is that it offers a series of questions to help you determine your goals.  Some of the questions are probably not accessible to English Language Learners, but most are.

The other site that has potential is eLifeList.  Though it doesn’t offer much guidance in helping to determine your goals, it does have the very nice capability of allowing photos to be posted to your list, too.  Right now, though, you can only upload them from your computer.  If they set it up so you can access photos from other places on the Internet then this site would definitely be one I would use with my students.  I’ve emailed that question to them (you can read their response here).

Of course, with this site as with many I post about, you can do the same activity in class with paper, pencil and craft supplies, combined with student sharing and conversation.

As I’ve said before, doing it on the computer sometimes offers a “change-of-pace” for students in class, and makes it a little easier for students to do some of these activities on their own away from school, too.  In a few days I’ll be sharing additional thoughts on using technology in the classroom via In Practice, a blog written by several of us who teach in lower-income schools.