A few days ago I spotted a link on excellent EFL Classroom 2.0 to something called Animated Teacher Training.  It seems to be just what it says it is — an animated module with text and audio support to help ESL/EFL teachers learn how to teach.

I thought, and continue to think, that this is a pretty weird way to learn second language learning methods, and it’s difficult for me to believe that it would be very effective.  I immediately dismissed it from my mind.

Then, today, three English Language Learners at my school approached me for help on their senior projects.  They’re all writing about teaching methods for second language learning.  They’re having a very hard time finding anything accessible that they can read about it. 

Bingo!  This Animated Teacher Training activity is perfect.

One of the few things I remember from my psychology class is Karl Jung’s idea of synchronicity, what he called “meaningful coincidences.”  I guess this was one of them….