I’ve posted about Daft Doggy, the fantastic web application that makes it as easy as possible for students and teachers to create tours of webpages — while leaving comments on them, too.  It has numerous uses, including creating Internet scavenger hunts.

It’s now gotten even better, and will become even more so in a couple of weeks or so.

Joe Thompson, the site’s creator, has built a feature that allows you to super-easily make a voice-recording, provide you with a url, and then post it for others to listen.  It’s called Daft Doggy .01 and, not only is it free and easy, but the audio quality is excellent.  Here’s a test I did.  It’ll be great for English Language Learners.

But, now, for the best part.  He estimates that in two weeks or so he’ll have the two features connected so that people can make voice comments (along with the text they can leave now) on the website tours.

It’s just amazing what a smart and creative person can develop these days….