Simon Sez Santa is an amazing online activity that gets better every year.  In it, students act sort of like a TPR (Total Physical Response) teacher by typing in commands, and then “Santa” complies. 

I’ve had it on my English Themes For Beginners page under Holidays for three years, but I’ve never posted about it before.

They seem to add more and more abilities each year, and it’s always been “kid-friendly.”  However, this year they seem to have created two versions — one called “kid-friendly” and the other “nice and naughty.”   I haven’t tested-out the second version yet, but I’m hopeful it’s not inappropriate.  Unfortunately, the kid-friendly version doesn’t have its own url — you have to go to the main site and then choose one version or the other.

But it’s such a great site for English Language Learners that I’d still use it.  You just want to exercise strong oversight when doing so.