I’ve written a lot about using online video games with English Language Learners.  So far, I’ve highlighted ones that are the “escape the room/puzzle” genre, as well as “text adventures” (type in “video games” to search for prior posts).

Today, I’d like to point out games that are called “choose your own adventure.”  In these games, during the course of playing them, you are periodically offered different choices you can make which affect the outcome.  In many ways they are similar to the countless “Goosebumps” books.

I have quite a few mixed-in with the rest of the video games on my English For Intermediate/Advanced page under Word Games.

These include ones that are just for fun, like the Ghost Motel series.  There are others, like The Negotiator, which are designed to help players learn how to deal with difficult situations.   There are also games of this type which help teach history, like the Lewis and Clark Adventure (you can find it on my Geography and United States History page under The United States Grows).

It’s also possibile for students, including English Language Learners, to create these kinds of games.  I’ll post about that in the future.