I have multiple links at the top of most of my websites that allow students to “copy-and-paste” words that they either don’t understand or aren’t sure how they are pronounced.  These sites will then either translate the words or passages; or they will “speak” the words or passages.

I’ve just added two more helpful links to those lists.  Both have “twists” that make them a little different from the ones that are already there.

One is called Lingro.  You first paste the url of a webpage into it.  Then, as you read that webpage all the words on it become “clickable.”  In other words, when you find a word that you don’t understand, you click on it and its translation in the language of your choice pops-up.  In addition, if you register (for free), the site will keep a list of all the words you click on every time you use the site and will convert them into a flashcard word game you can use to study.  I learned about this site through a listserv posting by Nik Peachey.

Another helpful link I’ve added is called VozMe.  This site, like others on my pages, will provide audio for the words you paste into it.  This site, though, will also convert it into an mp3 file if you want.  That could be useful to upload into a number of the Web 2.0 slideshow applications I’ve blogged about, though there are obviously a number of other ways to create those kinds of files.