I’ve become intrigued recently by online stories called Action Mazes.  Here are some examples from John’s ESL Community.  These stories are similar to the “Choose Your Own Adventure” online video games I’ve written about when describing how I use these games with English Language Learners.

In Action Mazes readers are basically given various options to choose from at different points in the story, which then lead to other options.  These are sort of online versions of the “Goosebumps” books.

You can make your own by using the Quandary software program.  Here are some more samples of Action Mazes and a “How To” explanation created by ESL teacher Michael Krauss.

Another interesting example of an Action Maze is this series of stories designed to teach about the law and abused women.  It’s called It’s Your Story.

I’ve placed a number of Action Mazes on my Intermediate English page under Reading.  I’ve placed links related to creating Action Mazes on my Teacher’s page under Create Tests and Exercises.