I just learned about a new site called LookyBook from Kevin’s Meandering Mind.  It allows you to “flip” through all of the pages of a growing number of recent picture books.  You can also choose ones to keep on your own virtual “bookshelf.”

Students will be able to read the simpler ones online, but others with more print are difficult to read.  It will also be useful to teachers who want to preview books before they purchase them.  For example, since I’m now looking for stories to use as part of a unit on fables with my English Language Learner students, I was able to search for books using the keyword “fable.”  I was then able to find quite a few — some which my students will be able to read online, and one that I plan on purchasing.  Being able to see the whole book is a big advantage over, for example, the preview function available on Amazon’s website.

I’ve placed the link to LookyBook on my Teacher’s Page under Literature.

Also, I’d like to mention that Kevin also has an interesting feature on his blog called Your Day/Week In A Sentence.  Each week he prints sentences that educators send in summarizing their….day or week.