The 2007 Edublogs Awards Finalists have been announced.  This blog has been nominated for the Best Resource Sharing Blog, and you can vote for this blog here.  You can also vote by clicking on the awards “badge” at the top of the sidebar.

It’s an honor to be nominated, and to be named a Finalist.  The Edublogs Awards are a respected award in the education community.

All the blogs nominated in the Best Resource Sharing category and, in fact, in all the other categories, too, are award-worthy.  I know that if I haven’t been reading some of them regularly I’ll start doing so now.

I’d also like to point out that In Practice, the blog written collectively by a group of teachers (including me) working in schools located in lower-income communities, was also named an Edublogs Award finalist in Best Group Blog category.  You can vote for that blog here.

Voting is open until December 6th.

Do take the time to visit all the nominated blogs.