I’ve recently added two very neat sites to the Students Songs section of my Examples of Student Work page.  They were both created by a creative designer named Luke Whittaker.

His latest creation is an amazing online video game called Sound Factory.  It’s very hard for me to explain.  Basically,  you role-play a man in a factory who get to create music.  That description, however, does not in any way do the game justice.  There are a lot of instructions given in simple English, and students can email their final musical creation after they’ve finished the game.  I also have listed the “Walkthrough” (answers) to the game on my website so students can doubly use it as a language development exercise.

In Sound Factory, and the next game I’ll describe, in addition to posting their musical creation students can write a description of it.

In A Break In The Road students can again create their own musical composition.  It’s not quite a game, but I won’t even attempt to describe it.  Check it out for yourself.