I learned about yet another easy website creation site called DoodlekitTechCrunch wrote about it, and other similar sites, today.  Doodlekit is particularly intriguing to me.

It seems to be an extremely easy (and free) way to create a website.  It also has a “built-in” blog.

I wrote earlier this month about how I was going to have my mainstream students start using Tumblr as an experiment.  I’m now going to also spend some time at Doodlekit to see how the two might compare.  I think my students might be particularly excited about being able to easily do a website and a blog together.

Of course, I also won’t know until Monday if it’s blocked or unblocked by the School District filter.  The District has already agreed to unblock Tumblr, so I really won’t want to go to them again if Doodlekit is blocked.

I’ve placed the link on my Teacher’s Page under Website Development.