I haven’t decided yet how useful the new Wedig TV website is for English Language Learners yet, but it’s intriguing enough for me to post about it. 

It has a large number of British game shows (most of which have American versions) that users can play “virtually.”   There’s a lot of listening and interactivity in the games.  Many are probably too complicated for anyone other than an advanced English Language Learner.  However, a few would probably be playable for Intermediates — if they lived in Great Britain.  Most of the shows require a large amount of knowledge about British culture, not to mention British money.

I’d probably look at it more seriously if there was an American version of th site.

The site is extremely well-done, and I’d be interested in hearing from British EFL/ESL teachers who might try to use it.

I haven’t put the link on my website, though, since, as I mentioned, I’m not sure yet if it would be an effective language development tool.