Show Beyond is a great web application, and they fixed their audio problem.

I posted a few weeks ago about Show Beyond, a free web application that allows you to create slideshows with audio.  I wrote about how it seemed like an absolutely extraordinary web application — one of the best I’ve seen for English Language Learners.   However, I commented at the time that the recorded audio was very low quality, and that I couldn’t recommend it because of that problem.

Now that the audio problem has  been fixed, I can’t wait to have my students start using it.

It’s very similar to VoiceThread.  However, there are two big differences.  The main reason I’m so excited about Show Beyond is that you can easily use images straight off the web when creating a slideshow — that’s a huge advantage over Voice Thread.  For the life of me, I don’t understand why they don’t add that feature.

One advantage that Voice Thread still does have, however, is that it allows you to leave audio comments. Show Beyond doesn’t have that feature yet, though.  I’ll ask them if they might be planning to add that in the future.  Show Beyond does allow you to leave written comments, though.

Give it try and let me know what you, and your students, think…