Next Sunday I will be “guest” -hosting (here) a neat feature that’s coordinated by Kevin at Kevin’s Meandering Mind.  It’s called “Day/Week In A Sentence.”  The idea is to boil down your week, or a day in your week,  into one sentence.  I think it’s ideal if you think it might be insightful or helpful to others, though that’s not necessarily a prerequisite.

You can read the most recent compilation here and another edition that was guest-hosted by Bonnie at her BLK blog.

I’ve found it a good reflective  exercise for me to write, and a good learning experience to read what others have come up with.

You can either leave your sentence as a comment on this post and I’ll hold it in moderation until Sunday, or you can email it to me at  The deadline is Saturday at midnight (California time).

I’ll look forward to reading your sentences!