Now that I’ve finished two of “The Best…” lists, I’m ready for a third one.  This post will share my picks for the best twelve online learning games of the year.

All the games on this  list should be accessible, challenging, and fun for English Language Learners and native-English speakers alike (of all ages), except for two or three that are obviously for Beginning English Language Learners.  I’ve particularly tried to include sites where students can create great games, too.

Number eleven is Class Tools.  Teachers and students can create lots of learning activities using formats from popular 1980’s arcade games.

Philologus is the tenth site on my list.  It’s very similar to Class Tools.  However, it uses more recent television games shows as templates for teacher and student created exercises.

Bite Size Literacy and Math is the eighth site on the list.  It’s a new BBC portal filled with fun activities for Beginning English Language Learners and native-English speakers to develop literacy and math skills.

Number seven is the famous Free Rice game.  It’s great that they donate rice to the United Nations food program for every correct answer, but that’s not why it made my list.  It’s here because it’s a neat vocabulary-building exercise for anyone.  It stands-out becauses it only increases its difficulty level based on how well you’re doing in the game.

The Twenty Questions Game is number six. You think of something, and the computer asks you questions in an attempt to guess what you’re thinking of.  You  might want to read my post to learn about how I’ve used it in class.

The fourth site on my list is Launchball from the British Science Musuem.  Students can create a sort of video game (and learn scientific concepts in the process), title it, and post the url.

Number two on my list really consists of two music games by the same creator — Luke Whittaker.  One is called Sound Factory  and the other is A Break In The Road. I’m not going to even going to try to describe these wonderful games here.  You can read my post and try them yourself.

Again, as in my other lists, I’m looking forward to feedback.

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