I began writing my “The Best…” lists a few days ago as a way to reflect on all the posts I’ve made since February,  prepare for some technology experiments I’ll be doing in the classroom this coming semester, and to have a little fun.  I thought there might be some interest in them, but I certainly never expected that it would get thousands of hits — and that’s just over three days.

First, Silvia Tolisano at her Langwitches blog posted a link to my list of The Best Web 2.0 Applications For Education, shared her own picks, and had the great idea of inviting her readers to contribute suggestions.

Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach at the fine 21st Century Collaborative  blog was also kind enough to write a post about it.  I sent my list to TechCrunch on a lark, and then they immediately put it on their site.  Many other bloggers have linked to it since.

Steve Hargadon at Classroom 2.0 posted about the same list (and my others) and suggested that people contribute their own lists of Web 2.0 applications — another great idea.  I’d encourage people to share there.

Based on the feedback I’ve been getting, it sounds like people are finding the lists helpful.  I hope that is indeed the case.

You can find all my lists (now numbering eight) at Websites Of The Year or by clicking on Best Of The Year under “Categories” on my sidebar.

I’ve got a couple of more lists in mind, but the majority have been completed.  With luck, I’ll finish the remaining ones later this week.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the holiday season.