I’ve been reflecting on my year, and trying to think of the most important things I’ve learned during this time.

I’m going to come up with a short list, and share them in a post on January 1st — next Tuesday.

I’d be happy to share other people’s “learnings” in the same post.  Feel free to write one-to-three things you feel you’ve learned this year in the comments section of this post.  I’m not going to give a specific restriction on their length, but please try to keep them short.   Please submit them by midnight, December 31st. I’ll leave them in moderation until I include them in the January 1st post.  

Also, please include a short sentence you’d like me to use to describe you.

By the way, I learned this easy technique of soliciting and sharing readers input from Kevin Hodgson.  He uses it for his great “Day/Week In A Sentence.”  He’s taking next week off from posting people’s contributions from that feature.  I’m sure, though, if you leave a comment in this week’s post he’ll invite you to contribute when it starts up again in January.