As readers know, this blog was a finalist in the Best Resource-Sharing Blogs category of the Edublogs Awards. The Awards are sponsored by Edublogs (I still don’t understand why any blogger would want to use a different host) and Josie Fraser.

Today, I thought I’d share a list of education blogs that I think are great at sharing helpful resources and links (at least once each week and in the vast majority of cases much more often), many of which I have then posted about (of course, giving them credit!) and placed on my website.

I didn’t want to blatantly “steal” the Edublog Awards title of “Best Resource Sharing Blogs,” though, and that’s why I’ve titled this list “The Best Blogs For Sharing Resources/Links.” (though I do think their title is a better one). I know it’s not a big change but, hey, I tried.

Unlike my other lists, though, I haven’t listed them in any order of priority. I’d encourage everyone to subscribe and put them on their blogroll, as I have.

Of course, I learn a lot from reading many other blogs, too. I just thought, given my blog’s focus, highlighting these would be appropriate.

Here they are:

Paul Hamilton shares very thoughtful posts in “Free Resources From The Net For (Special) Education.” All his posts, though, are also certainly useful to English Language Learners and to others.

I love the links I get by subscribing to Lucy Gray’s blog, “A Teacher’s Life” (not to mention her always useful posts!)

Ben Rimes’ “Tech Savvy Educator” was one of two blogs that inspired me to start my own in February.

Jane’s E-Learning Pick of the Day is always helpful. I’m looking forward to her updating 2007’s Top 100 Tools For Learning in 2008.

Instructify is a newer, and prolific, group blog out of the University of North Carolina.

Silvia Tolisano at Langwitches has a knack for discovering Internet gems helpful to all learners.

Phyllis Anker has been posting for a long time about great links in her blog Phyllis’ Favorites.

Gareth Pitchford has also been providing great stuff at Primary Resources for years and now has a blog called Primary Resources Links.

Kevin Clark at REMC Ramblings has a neat feature he calls “Weekly Web Wonders.”

Kevin Jarrett’s Welcome To NCS-Tech was the other blog that inspired me to start writing my own. Kevin provides great daily tips.

The Teacher List is another fantastic blog that provides a new link each day.

David Deubel at EFL Classroom 2.0 offers a “Site Of The Day,” not to mention all the other resources available there. You can subscribe to his “Site of the Day.”

Finally, I’m always subscribing to one forum discussion or another at Steve Hargadon’s Classroom 2.0, and I’m always learning about new resources there.

(Here are some recent additions to this list: Nik Peachey’s Learning Technology Teacher Development Blog For ELT; Richard Byrne’s Free Technology For Teachers; and Jeffrey Hill’s The English Blog.)

(Here’s one more addition. Ressources Pour Le College is an extraordinary collection of sites helpful to English Language Learners. If you go to that link, you’ll see a section labeled “New Sites.” You can find new great links there daily.)

I’ve also added Kelley Tenkely’s blog, iLearnTechnology, to this list.

Explore The Possibilities is a blog written by Donna Murray, an Instructional Technology Specialist at the Hickory Public Schools. She finds, and shares, a lot of great resources.

You can view my other “The Best…” lists here.