Here are a few predictions for 2008, and they’ll all probably turn-out to be wrong:

1) There will be some exciting developments that should allow students and teachers to very easily create extraordinary online learning games, and these new applications will be completely browser-based — no downloads will be required.

2) Interest in Second Life as a teaching/learning platform will level-off and begin to be reduced as educators and students conclude that the educational benefits of a virtual world really aren’t that great.  I’m sorry, I still just don’t get it.

3) Several new studies will be released showing that computer technology does have a significant impact on student achievement.

4) Several new studies will also be released showing that computer technology does not have a signficant impact on student achievement.

How about you — any predictions?

(Editor’s Note: Cath Riddoch makes an excellent point in the comments section — one that I had never thought of.  She writes “I hope you are wrong about Second Life. For those of us with physical difficulties Second Life is amazing! I can run and even fly on days when I cant even stand in Real Life.”  Now that I get…)